Websites in a Weekend

Traditional Websites Are Boring & Ineffective.

Turn Cold Visitors into Hot Buyers With Our Signature Website Built in

Just One Weekend!

(We'll even give you 12 months to pay it off!)

Websites in a Weekend - Building a Website

We use the most reliable tech:

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We Create Pretty Websites That

Drive Clicks, Leads and Sales!

Which means more money in the bank for you! ?

"We believe you should do what you do best, we'll handle the online stuff"

Niya - Founder & Chief Web Designer

Who Is WIAW?

Websites in a Weekend is like a cross between the best freelancer you ever met and that high-end agency you'd love to hire but can't.

While most web design agencies build complicated websites that look great, we build SALESPAGE websites. What does that mean? It means that our websites are designed to move your visitors to take ONE action, the one you want them to take!

We are legit online marketers with over a decade of experience in web design, copywriting, sales, online advertising, high-level sales funnels and technology. 

We've had those multi-millionaire clients, but frankly, we're more passionate about giving the shot they need to those who really need it.

We believe in the small business and the solo entrepreneur. We believe they should have the same access to high-quality services that the big guys get. And we believe that when they do, they rock the world!

In a Nutshell...

We're the little guy's or gal's big-time agency.

We Build Websites Designed to Move:





We Build Websites Designed to Move:





Ready to Work with WIAW?

One Weekend Turnaround with 2 Weeks Notice. Hands Off. Simple. Fast.

  • Sell your products and services online successfully
  • Increase consumer confidence
  • Side-step technical software
  • Avoid the headache of trying to DIY
  • Eliminate time searching for freelancers

WIAW provides you with everything you need to look like the professional you are!

Most Highly-Rated Web Design Agencies Won't Waste Their Time on You Unless You Have Deep Pockets

Other Agencies are Expensive

Seriously? $10k-$25k for a website on a small business budget?

Traditional web development agencies are outdated in their strategy and methodology. Overly focused on creating a beautiful site that looks amazing and has all kinds of custom-coded bells and whistles, but doesn't actually drive sales.

>> That being said, maybe you're a bigger company and you DO need more? <<

Our approach focuses on creating your website in a way that is designed to convert your visitors into leads or buyers - one that not only looks professional and fits your brand, but combines time-tested direct response marketing strategies with the newest technological tactics to hook, educate, persuade and sell.

Ever hear of a “glorified online business card?” 

People build these beautiful websites that talk all about the owner or the business but do nothing to actually persuade the visitor to take a desired action.

For the small investment of $10,000'll have people hitting the "close tab" button without even making it past the 3 second mark...?

You know you've done it before...

So don’t make the mistake of pouring hard earned cash into a glorified online business card when you can get a high-converting website at a fraction of the cost of your local digital agency.  

Ready to Work with WIAW?

One Weekend Turnaround with 2 Weeks Notice. Hands Off. Simple. Fast.

Spend Less.

Succeed Fast.

We'll finish your website in a weekend,

but you don't need to finish paying us for 12 months!

Get our Signature Salespage Website for Only:


For 12 months

>> Maybe you have more complex needs? We can do that too! Click here <<

What Happens After the 12 Months?

After your 12-month payment plan is complete, you have the option to let us continue to host, maintain and service your website for just $47/m (edits to images, layout and copy are charged separately by the hour)!

Here's Who Should Work With Us

If you're a small business owner with a brick and mortar business or you're a solo entrepreneur with an online business and need a high-converting website without the expensive cost that comes from traditional digital agencies, then you're on the right landing page.

>> Or if you have more complex needs, we can provide a quote for that here <<

OR if any of these apply to you:

  • You AGREE you should have a website for your business but don't want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on it
  • You AGREE you need more clients or customers and know you need to be online to do it 
  • You AGREE that fast is good but that you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for it
  •  You AGREE that you're kinda non-techy and it's a better use of your time to outsource the task of building and maintaining of your website
  • You AGREE that for your small business, a bunch of unnecessary custom developed bells and whistles are a waste of your marketing budget
  • You AGREE that templated website softwares, unreliable freelancers and overpriced agencies are complicated and overrated

Our Super Simple Process

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Book Your Weekend

Select an available weekend on our calendar that best fits your schedule. Make sure it's a weekend that you can be available over email in case we need to reach you.

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Choose Your Options and Add-Ons

Once you've purchased the Signature SalesPage, you then have the option to add on other services that may fit your needs. Place your order on our secure form and you'll be on your way!

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Answer the Questionnaire

Upon finishing your order and any optional add-ons, you will be required to fill out our client questionnaire. Here you'll be able to include any specifications about your products and special requirements for us. This is a mandatory step without which your project will not commence.

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Upload Your Assets

Once you've completed the questionnaire, you'll receive an invite to our Asana Project Management app, where you'll be able to upload any logo or image files and any other important assets needed for your project. Then, sit back, have a great weekend, and we'll send you the link to your new website on Monday! It's that easy!

The Website Timeline

Here's what your website goes through

Questionnaire Received

When your booking, order and questionnaire arrives in our system, our staff will immediately categorize it and input it in our project management app. It then gets put into our queue for projects that are ready for coordinating!


Our team will then take your questionnaire and research your company and your industry. We want to make sure we understand the feeling, the niche and the desired outcome of your business and project!

Asset Collection

After our team has done the research, we then need to collect some assets from you. These are mainly things like high resolution logo and image files.

Time to Build!

Here’s where you get to sit back, relax and enjoy your weekend while we do all the heavy lifting! Our team will get to work on Friday to build your website designed to turn visitors into customers!


On Monday, you’ll be presented with your shiny new website and if edits are needed, we’re happy to do up to 4 edits for free until you’re satisfied! After that, we launch it and we maintain it on a monthly basis. And that’s it! Easy-peasy!

BOOM! Cross "website" off your to-do list ?

Our Customers Think We're Pretty Neat


Niya genuinely cares for her clients..

Niya is the consummate professional. She is hard working, detail oriented and direct. Most importantly, Niya genuinely cares for her clients / customers, and it’s apparent in her over-delivery. I have and will continue to recommend Niya’s services to my network.

Rance Jamaal Hayes - CEO - Elevated Method

Niya will handle it all...

Where do I start… first of all if your unsure about your website or need a revamp of it Niya will handle it all. It is very detailed of what your needs/ audience are. I love our website now and it’s not a headache for me. If I can give 10 stars I would!!!

Lisa Marie Roque - Owner - Julian's Pool Service

Felt a part of the process..

My experience was great. I really felt a part of the whole process and my questions and concerns were always supported with solutions from Niya. I really enjoyed working with her and continue to do so. thanks!

Steven Isaacs - EFT Coach

Nothing but good things to say...

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Websites in a Weekend. Deciding how to portray your business to the world can be daunting. Websites in a Weekend’s process for creating everything from your aesthetic to copy is easy to navigate. The responsiveness to my needs, vision for my brand and questions was exceptional and the finished product is, *chef’s kiss, beautiful.

Jenna Sanchez - Personal Trainer

Niya is a professional...

Websites in a weekend is exactly what they do. Niya is a professional and extremely knowledgeable on designing websites she also knows what software are compatible with whatever software you are using. Websites in a weekend goes beyond to make sure your website is running flawlessly.

She Knows Marketing...

The big challenge when trying to find a good web designer is that the web pages they build can't just look pretty. They also have to be EFFECTIVE from a marketing perspective.

The great thing about Niya is that she knows marketing in addition to creating attractive looking web pages!

Stefan Gonick - EFT Business Mastery

Meet The Chief

Niya has a passion to create value for the small business or solo entrepreneur in the form of a kick-ass website. With over 10 years of experience as an online entrepreneur, building sales funnels for multi-millionaire clients to online advertising and every digital service in-between, Niya respects the hustle of small business owners and entrepreneurs and drives growth through affordable but highly effective services.

Niya Nassib

Niya Champaneria

Chief Web Designer

Ready to Work with WIAW?

One Weekend Turnaround with 2 Weeks Notice. Hands Off. Simple. Fast.

"At WIAW, we work on your website like it's our own."

It's our honor to provide you with the best possible customer experience by delivering an amazing and professional website that helps grow your business and that you can't wait to show off!  Quality and trust is everything to us and we strive to build long-lasting relationships with all our customers."


One weekend? Really?

Will I own my website?

Why subscription? Can I pay in full?

What happens if I'm not satisfied?

Do you use templates or will my site be custom?

What happens to my site if I cancel early?

Do you offer any other services?

What's included in my monthly plan?

Can I use my own hosting provider?

What if I DO need bells & whistles?

Now's Your Chance to Get Your Website DONE!

One Weekend Turnaround with 2 Weeks Notice. Hands Off. Simple. Fast.

  • Sell your products and services online successfully
  • Increase consumer confidence
  • Side-step technical software
  • Avoid the headache of trying to DIY
  • Eliminate time searching for freelancers

WIAW provides you with everything you need to look like the professional you are!


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